Friday, September 10, 2010

the weekend starts in 5 hours.


but who's counting? me! after waking up thursday morning thinking it was friday--what a disappointment that was--i'm ready for the weekend to start.

the agenda is full and promises a great time:
  • the gym--hittin' it hard
  • airport pickup and late treat with an old roommate in town for a conference
  • blood donation
  • get some college football on the telly
  • brunch with a girly-friend
  • study for and prepare my sunday school lesson
  • visit the santa cruz boardwalk for fried food goodness and rides with my girly-friends
  • read and write--e. a. poe for sure
  • try my hand at homemade concord grape fizz soda

enjoy your weekend!

love truly,
katie kate
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