Monday, October 11, 2010

i just watched--

shine starring geoffrey rush (oscar winner, best actor 1996)
written by jan sardi (story), scott hicks (screenplay)
directed by scott hicks

a raw telling of the true story of david helfgott, renowned pianist driven to a mental breakdown by his drilling professors and tongue-lashing never-satisfied father.

the way young, adolescent, and adult david light up the piano and how their hands and fingers move over the keys is enough to watch the movie, particularly for any piano or classical music lover. it's the talent and music that gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes. it also makes me wanna run out and buy my own upright and start playing again.

being a great respecter of the piano and still loving to dabble on its keys when i get the chance, i was impressed when i learned geoffrey rush was his own hand double for the movie. apparently, he played the piano until he was fourteen and took it up again over thirty years later for this part. remarkable. (thus the oscar for best actor. that and his ability to demonstrate a schizophrenic man.)

this isn't a movie for children but i highly recommend it. (there are a few brief scenes of nudity.)

i dedicate this post to my paternal grandmother nelda who can fire up any instrument with keys and to my uncle carl who plays the piano as beautifully as his virginia gardens grow.
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