Tuesday, October 12, 2010

decorating my someday cottage.

how sweet of anthropologie to create a shopping guide for my someday cottage as my daydreams continue to float across my mind like big fluffy summer clouds!

while i would never just blindly shop from a ready-made list (doing such wouldn't satisfy the creative monster inside me), there are a few of the pieces in their cottage decorating style that speak to me.

images courtesy of anthropologie.com

i'm crazy in love with the paeonia wallpaper. the rich teal is a wonderful colour and in perfect harmony with both the vintage and modern worlds. the drapes are lovely--kind of a whispered print, like an afterthought--and the vase would be perfect to house a few pussy willow stalks.

a cottage wouldn't be complete without a comfy chair for staring out windows and reading next to the fire and the shower curtain is an indulgence; it reminds me of a french burlesque dancer's skirtings--layers of ruffles. the candle will help the cottage smell nice and the lamp creates a warm glow inviting visitors.

i'm relaxed (and jumping-out-of-my-skin-excited) just thinking about it.
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