Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a snippet of wedding inspiration.

today i came across snippet & ink (via apartment 34)--a lovely blog dedicated to wedding inspiration on a daily basis. i love love love her inspiration boards, especially inspiration board 471. the colour scheme--charcoal and slate grays and cherry blossom pink--is right up my alley.
rough winds and darling buds. ... it feels like such a perfect neutral for this early part of spring, the windy, rainy days paired with blossoming trees. ... mood: romantic, moody. 
my favourite days of spring--the days of wind and rain. they're poetic and romantic and make me want to cozy up and write.

image courtesy of

i'm inspired and i'm not even planning a wedding! well, not officially. -wink wink-

i'm thinking of dedicating wednesday posts to weddings. what say you?
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