Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cornishware in the cupboards.

the simple lines and bright shade of cornflower blue of t.g. green's cornishware says cottage to me. and when i hear "cottage" my mind is swept away to my family's cottage in michigan. when i was a little girl, we'd go up every summer and visit with grandma and grandpa. (and when we were much younger and there were less of us grandkids, we'd overlap with our cousins which was always great fun.) grandpa would take us sailing and for walks through the woods and grandma would bake and cook and when she wasn't looking, i'd sneak into her bedroom and slide open her closet door and drown myself in her beautiful clothes.

i can very easily imagine these cornishware dishes sharing cupboard space in that lakeside cottage with grandma and grandpa's other tableware. it looks like them.

images courtesy of tggreen.co.uk

i think i shall stack the cupboards of my someday cottage with lovely cornishware.
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