Tuesday, November 30, 2010

maximize your tiny living space.

some might consider my studio apartment an "itty bitty tiny living space" (thank you, genie) but to me it's home--quaint, cozy, and all mine. i didn't have a ton of stuff when i moved in but i still had to learn how to maximize the little space i had so it wouldn't feel crowded or cluttered. a few of my own practices are mentioned in the re-nest post "the secrets behind great small spaces:"
  • work with large artwork or groupings: i have two large pieces of artwork--one rests against the wall on the floor and the other hangs over my bed. above my rusty-red desk is what i call my inspiration wall--a collection of items that are both functional and inspirational.
  • install hooks: fancy or simple, hooks make use of space that could otherwise be lost--the backs of doors, obsolete or awkward walls. hooks are easy and can be stylish, too. hide 'em or put 'em on display.
  • a place for everything and everything in its place: in my experience, nothing will limit the look and feel of a small space than clutter and mess. i've [mostly] curbed my teenage habits of leaving clothes or boxes or dishes strewn about which often leaves my apartment looking like a photo staging unit.  
  • bring in as much natural light as possible: lucky for me, a 9x7 portion of my outside wall is window and the sunlight pours in. 

images courtesy of re-nest.com

i love the shelves--what a fantastic idea and one i'd consider. clean lines. utilitarian. accessible. and that multi-purpose bed/hiding space is genius. i wonder how comfortable it is. the bathroom image encourages making bold use of tiny space--covering the walls with artwork or using daring paint colours. my bathroom is a little too eggshell right now so i'm planning on adding a few thick marigold stripes down one of the walls. and the room shown is a great example of everything in its space--clean and without clutter.
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