Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my wedding.

wedding wednesday
volume 1  |  chapter 14

when i let my mind wander to aspects of my [someday] wedding, ideas and fantasies flurry through my head like leaves caught in the passing breeze of a car. and even though my wedding is in the far far future (perhaps even in a galaxy far far away), i've already set my heart on a few elements:
reception location: my parent's farm in ohio (inside the barn if i can convince them)
season: autumn
dress: a version of this dress in antique ivory  
colour scheme: deep pine green with hints of rich jade, rusty orange, and golden yellow
music: bing crosby, frank sinatra, louis armstrong, ella fitzgerald, and other crooners of yesteryear
cake: pies instead of cake, and hopefully homemade pies if i can talk my father into it; you've never tasted an apple pie 'til you've had one by my father's practiced hand
decorations: popcorn, cranberry, and orange peel strings coiled on the tables and laced through the trees; candles; cinnamon and nutmeg spice jars; farm animals milling about with festive jingle bell collars; a photo booth; a movie screen showing high society; these are mostly ideas and more will come
gifts for guests: embroidered vintage handkerchiefs for the ladies and pocket squares for the gentlemen
theme: a family affair
it's fun to daydream and lose myself in the clouds.

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