Thursday, November 18, 2010

found: the wild things.

silly, the wild things are on your head in beautiful handmade felt by barbara keal.
in her words: "big furry ears make me happy. it might work for you too.
can you image the winter high street bustling with creatures? foxes, badgers, the odd minotaur, not to mention all the beasts you can't name." 
i am completely smitten by these kids. they are the perfect demonstration of children wearing hats of beasts, wandering through their own wonderlands. and that stag creation--terrifying. imagine seeing that on someone's head in the darkness of night. 

images courtesy of

i dedicate this post to my mother who is a felting queen and to my older brother who i imagine is a fan of the book where the wild things are and who has a son that would look quite fancy in one of these hats. 
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