Thursday, December 9, 2010

norway lighthouse.

ever hear of the peninsula stadlandet? it's a stretch of land in norway considered the dividing point between the norwegian (to the north) and north (to the south) seas. it is also the only peninsula on the mainland that stretches out to sea. because of the harsh coastlines and windy climate, a lighthouse was necessary for carrier vessels and one was erected in 1905--the svinoy.

while the svinoy is still a working lighthouse (the light is now fully automated), it, as well as the rest of the deserted island accessible only by helicopter, is available to you to spend holiday. with a service person on staff, the property boldly offers four double rooms and three singles accommodating eleven of your nearest and dearest friends ready to leave the city behind. learn more and see additional pictures here.

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just look at those coastlines; can you even imagine the kind of sunsets you'd see or sunrises? or imagine the crashing waves during a storm. breathtaking. waves have been known to wash across the entire island due to the extreme winds of 100 mph (often higher).

there are no piers on the island; weather conditions are too rough. instead, there are three landing sites on different sides of the island and on one side, a crane pulls boats out of the water. in 1905, a boathouse was built but the sea claimed it only a year later.

i'm both tempted and nervous to request more information because i can't imagine the price tag but i'm so curious.
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