Friday, December 10, 2010

weekend wonderland.

it's christmastime.


and the weather outside is indeed frightful. frightful because it's over 60 degrees and rainy. that kind of weather can mean only one season--spring. lovely warm wet spring. i have nothing against spring except when it's interfering with my holiday plans. the longer i stay in the bay area the more i long for that telltale weather promising to turn my nose red with cold and late mornings to work because i had to scrape the snow and ice off my car. dreadful to some. idyllic to me.

in spite of the weather (isn't the weather the topic of choice for persons with which nothing else to speak of?) the weekend has already had a great start. today was a short day at the office--moving day. and with it came lunch with a favourite young friend of mine--the 3-year old son of a colleague. he had the tuna sandwich (he decided to pour a packet of sweet-n-low on the top piece of bread) and potato chips and a side of ketchup which he would stick his finger in and lick. for dessert he wanted bubblegum ice cream and i think he ended up wearing more than he actually took in. kids are funny that way. lunch was fun, indeed, and my favourite part was walking through the parking lot with his tiny hand inside mine. i could get used to that.

and now the rest of the weekend will be filled with the sounds of christmas. tonight i head into the city with some girlfriends to support one of our friends and her amazing singing talent. (her voice is what i imagine angels must sound like.) tomorrow morning i have choir practice for our sunday christmas program at church and then brunch with one of my dearest bay area friends. later that night i'll cruise over to alameda to see the famous christmas street. apparently it has a mailbox for santa and completely decked out in christmas festivity. sunday is our christmas program at church (i can't wait. singing christmas carols/songs is one of my favourite ways to get in the spirit of christmas.)

the empty spaces in the weekend will be filled with naps and hopefully some cooking or baking. we'll see how the weekend pans out. i'm much more relaxed right now than i was last week at this time.

merry christmastime!

love truly,
katie kate
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