Tuesday, January 11, 2011

post-holiday blues.

is anyone else suffering from post-holiday blues?
i am. most definitely.

my head is stuck in the cold drafts of my upstairs bedroom at home and afternoon walks with the dogs over the hills.

i miss all the goodies mom baked up and her home cooking for dinner (she makes the absolute best fried chicken.) and daddy's famous pies and homemade doughnuts.

the chickens and goats must miss seeing me everyday like i miss seeing them. they'd come out of the barn as i came down the hill to say "hello" and to see if i had an afternoon snack of potato peels or cookies for them. the goats would rub their horns up my legs and offer up kisses while the chickens would squabble about. sometimes, if i was gentle, the chickens would let me pet them. they're surprisingly soft.

there's something not entirely expressible with words about the ease and comfort of being home and all together in the living room working on a puzzle, flipping channels between football games, and eating popcorn and drinking sparkling juice. it's about being together.

i miss the i-can't-feel-my-face cold.

i'm not sleeping as well in my own apartment as i was in my bed at home. must be because when i close my eyes at night, i know sylvia won't be there in the morning to wake me up with her whimper and wet nose resting on the bed beside my pillow.

why can't every day be a holiday?
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