Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rooftop apartment.

i would like to shake the hand(s) of the genius(es) at madderlake behind the redesign of joel grey's dark rooftop apartment into this bright and airy space:

images courtesy of frolic-blog.com
/ click image to enlarge /
"A longtime resident of the penthouse floor of the fabulous Hotel Des Artistes on Manhattan's west side, Joel lived in a long, narrow series of rooms that adjoined a large open terrace--but longed for more interior living space. Unwilling to give up urban convenience for a refuge in the country, we brought country living to Joel by adding light-filled conservatory rooms for dining, study and master bathroom, then surrounding them with gorgeous groves of birch and bamboo, a grape arbor over the outdoor dining area, and flowers everywhere. The original interior was gutted and made airy; new and old spaces flow freely one to another. And while the interior now looks warm and modern, we introduced quirky elements to keep it cozy and intriguing."
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