Thursday, January 27, 2011

spring baby.

does anyone else feel that spring fashions come earlier and earlier every year? i mean, i know i'm one of the few winter lovers but i haven't even been able to wear all my winter sweaters and already my inbox is full of retailers announcing their spring lines.

usually i'll delete their bouncing-with-springtime-energy emails but boden snatched me right up with these adorable pictures from their spring baby line. how could i press "delete" and live with myself?

images courtesy of

and can i just say, "does that cornflower blue hotchpotch dress come in my size?" adorable. i'll settle for the dress and the toddler inside it, if necessary.

i think we can blame fashion retailers for global warming. they're constantly shoving the next season down our throats. no wonder the universe is screwed up.
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