Friday, February 11, 2011

hello, weekend!


last weekend at this time i was cozied up in washington with my sister-in-law, niece and nephew reading books and playing. bliss. now i'm back to my own life wishing i was still with them.

i'm looking forward to the weekend, though. i'm hoping to finish jane eyre and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a solid creative outpour into writing. i have some ideas stirring that i'd like to take a little farther and see how they develop. i love writing--it's my outlet--but it's difficult when you're at a stalemate. i'm also going to catch up on some sleep and attend a church-sponsored women's conference called "joy by design." after the keynote speaker, myself and five other women will sing a song specifically written for the event. i'm pretty excited. after that i'll head to the red cross for a blood donation. (i was supposed to do that a few weeks back but had to reschedule.)

sunday i want to bake--coconut almond macaroons and almond tea cakes--and cook--turkey bean chili. (it's a healthy easy tasty fail-safe recipe.) yummm... i'm happy to share recipes. just ask.

what are your plans? day trip? lazy weekend? shoveling yourself out of the snow? while you think on that, help me decide what kind of pet i should adopt by checking out my poll on the right. i need a pet. it's time.

happy weekend, friends!

love truly,
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