Saturday, March 19, 2011

good morning, weekend.


it was a looong week and i'm glad to be waking up on the other side of it. i'm ready for a relaxing weekend and the rainy overcast weather will provide the perfect backdrop. i love gray weekends.

on the docket is a shipwreck hunt hike sunday afternoon at lands end trail in san francisco (unless the forecast is correct and a downpour of biblical proportions comes to fruition); browsing the ruelala le creuset (happening now!) sale; making a homemade pot pie filled with yukon gold potatoes, dates, raisins, chicken, fresh thyme and carrots; sweating through ncaa march madness; catching up on apartment therapy and design milk; reading camera reviews on dpreview; some light purge-the-clutter spring cleaning; a spin around my new neighbourhood target; dinner out tonight (sushi? vietnamese?); maybe the new jane eyre movie. should be a nice. should be fun. should be easy.

what are you up to? holding your breath and clutching your bracket close to your heart? counting down to moving day? exploring new grocery markets? tell me; i'd love to hear.

love truly,
katie kate

p.s. a shout out to my parents: happy anniversary! 37 years. you are an inspiration and i love you.

p.p.s. my thoughts and prayers continue to be with those in japan and others in the world affected by the great earthquake.
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