Saturday, March 19, 2011

pretty things by neëst.

pretty things for the simple life by neëstbased out of paris, the designs of neëst are japanese-inspired and fed with a scandinavian influence. read hello neëst here.

 images courtesy of

baby basket  /  fog linen tea towels  /  brush duck  /  enamel colander  /  large plate tuula  /  brush table

aren't they lovely pieces? i love how the wire basket looks filled with brown eggs. very rustic. the handle would make it a convenient partner for collecting eggs in the barn.

have you ever seen such a pretty hand broom and dustpan set? it's almost too pretty to use. the same goes for the duck brush. such a cute little duck nestled atop pristine horsehair bristles. maybe it's intended as a help-mate for parents that want to get their kids trained early on with household chores.

i would use the plates for my everyday tableware. they'd add brightness and cheer to any meal. i'm specifically picturing them with flooded with homemade bread, toasted and slathered in freshly whipped butter, and fried farm eggs with runny yolks. yum.
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