Friday, October 7, 2011

weekend, you're up!


what will you fill the precious weekend hours doing?

for me, it's one of those weekends that's about 1/2 full. i have some plans finalized--meeting up for dinner tonight with my friend ch and her dad who's in town visiting, hitting the gym h-a-r-d tomorrow morning, then brunch with the newly-married mackw at meal ticket (i've been wanting to dine here since seeing it on diners, drive-ins and dives) and on to a church fireside presented by julie beck, general relief society president. plans still in the proposal stage--friday night movie (dream house? real steel?), santa cruz saturday/night (i'm aching for rides on the carousel and giant dipper and to eat a corndog), sunday afternoon picnic, sunday evening temple hill symphony orchestra performance (beethoven's "6th symphony" and "night on bald mountain").

all of those things are good and fun and i'm looking forward to each activity, but what weekend happiness really boils down to is squeezing in some college football and a nap or two, me-time. and i've discovered the best way to get uninterrupted college football viewing time is at the gym and if i go early enough--and i usually do--the gym is fairly empty and generally 3 or 4 of the 6 or 7 tv sets has a football game on or at least sports center. heaven.

what would a weekend be without some chores? i need to clean the bathroom--ugh--and work on the annual sub4santa charity auction. the work is never-ending.

happy weekend wishes!

love truly,
katie kate
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