Thursday, October 6, 2011

fall fashion for man.

men, fall fashion did not forget about you! your options are awesome and maybe, just maybe, better and more versatile than those for us ladies. you can layer (fall is the season to layer!) with a button-up, a sweater, maybe even a tie or scarf, toss on a cap, pull on a sport coat, lace up your boots and walk out the door, leather gloves in hand. and that's just one idea in a world presenting a million.

to get the fall wardrobe ideas rolling, check out these eclectic and over-the-top looks from gant. they're cozy, warm, and deliciously fall.

images courtesy of

my favourite fall piece for men that i've seen so far is the red and black checked sweater jacket pictured above. it's lambswool. $298.00 lambswool. to. die. for.
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