Friday, March 9, 2012

free people shoe and boot wants.

i made the "mistake" today [while nibbling on cottage cheese and sipping grapefruit juice] of wiggling my way over to to check out their footwear sale.

oh me.
oh my.

look what i found! (in order of their combination of these important factors: like, want, must-have, and wear-ability)

images courtesy of 

tumbled wedge ankle boot in whiskey, $69.95 $160  /  crystal maryjane in rust, $49.95 $118  /  vertigo vamp boot in whiskey, $99.95 $160  /  lana ankle strap heel in black or moss green, $99.95 $150  /  destin wedge boot, $49.95 $200 (vetoed by the guy)

the tumbled wedge ankle boot is nearly a done deal...

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