Friday, March 9, 2012

old movies and new cars weekend.


aren't you just so glad it's the weekend? what are your plans? shoveling the driveway, maybe? or shopping for baby? i wish i was shopping for a dog but instead, here's what i'll be up to:

  • alfred hitchcock's san francisco-based thriller vertigo at oakland's historic paramount theatre tonight.
  • morning run tomorrow followed by a large steamed milk from peet's. yumm-y.
  • test drive mazdas and subarus in marin. why? for kicks and giggles, of course. why else? 
  • naps, baking, reading, watch breakfast at tiffany's and wait until dark. i've been itchin' for audrey and i think my guy hasn't seen either film. 

happy weekend to you and yours!

love truly,
katie kate

p.s. yesterday i spoiled myself to a pedicure and today i bought this tee. i'm now on retail lock-down.

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