Friday, March 23, 2012

my-new-kitchenaid-stand-mixer-is-sure-to-make-me-fat weekend.


taking a quick minute from a very busy work day (it was a busy week all around--from morning 'til night. can you tell by the lack of posts?) to wish you all a happy weekend. we're expecting rain rain rain over here in the bay area but i don't mind so much. it certainly won't stop the hello kitty theme karaoke birthday party or the first use of my new white 5-quart kitchenaid stand mixer. i hope to reorganize my closet, too, and tear through some more pages of the devil's teeth. (it's a rare day when a nonfiction piece can grab and hold my attention and interest but susan casey's account of the farallon islands has done just that. i'm reaching for her book at every spare second. incredible read.)

tonight i'm hoping to see jiro dreams of sushi.

ok, friends, that's about all the time i have--back to the grind. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. i always love hearing about your plans--dog shopping, baking thrills, dinner parties, woodland walks--and often wish i was sharing in them, especially any dog- or baking-related adventures.

love truly,
katie kate

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