Friday, April 6, 2012

easter weekend: he is risen.


it's been a while, friends. work and life have been on a rampage and i've had zero time to find and tell you about pretty things. it's another busy day but i couldn't bear the thought of one more day passing and not popping in to say "hello."

let's see, last weekend i was in yosemite (i included a few photos below) and enjoyed hearing the words from my religious leaders during general conference. this weekend is easter and we kicked it off with a lovely lamb of god oratorio performance last sunday evening. this afternoon, two friends are saying "i do," in separate ceremonies, mind you, and their receptions are tonight. dancing and lots of cute little tasty hors d'oeuvres? i'm there!

it's easter weekend--an important holiday for christians. how will you be celebrating? we'll be focusing on the saviour and remembering on this day, he is risen. (see a collection of short videos representing christ's life here.)

happy easter and happy weekend to you all!

love truly,

photos by jsb
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