Friday, May 18, 2012

double carrot cake weekend.


i was in such a different and magical place last friday at this time. i was landing in seattle for a mini-roadtrip east on the i-90 to my brother's house. what i would give to be right back there again in the rental car driving through the cascades with my man at the wheel instead of deepening this toosh-print in my task chair at the office, waiting on some emails before i can peel outta here and start my weekend. plans are still forming but i know i'll be baking 2 carrot cakes on sunday. 2! it's my man's birthday on tuesday and carrot cake is his first choice. a co-worker of mine is returning from her birthday vacation, also on tuesday, and she asked for a homemade carrot cake months ago. lots of cake. but it's carrot cake, so it's good for you, right? because of all the carrots. right?

i hope you have a great weekend ahead of you. can you believe memorial day is next weekend? crazy.

love truly,
katie kate

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