Monday, May 7, 2012

monday blues.

i'm in complete denial of being glued to my task chair in the office today. it's a warm and sunny monday and i'd rather be--

  • riding my bicycle and stopping by miette in oakland's jack london square for a mouth-watering chocolate hazelnut macaron. 
  • cruising down the CA-1 with a stop in pacifica for fish 'n chips and hush puppies at camelot.
  • winding along the farm roads of northern point reyes toward the elk reserve, apples, and a croissant from tartine riding along as my edible passengers.
  • sitting on a hillside in the presidio watching the sun set. 
  • dipping my toes in the cool lake water in ludington, a giant dog at my side, and an ice cream cone in hand. 

since those are far too daydream-y and next to impossible for a working girl like me, i'm multi-tasking--a little blog browsing and some work. it's making for almost an enjoyable workday. 

how soon is friday? 

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