Friday, May 4, 2012

the weekend: i made it!


lovies, welcome to the weekend! are you as happy as i am that it's FINALLY here? man oh man, what a week.

so what are your weekend plans? the weather will feel like summer so naturally i'll be heading for a 2-year old's birthday party and crashing in the bounce house. don't be jealous. i'll get my bangs trimmed and ride my bicycle and hang out on the beach and go for a run and nap in the sunshine and take a walk.

that's saturday and sunday.

tonight i'm meeting up with some friends in a mixed emotions bon voyage food affair as they move down to cupertino. i know--it's only 90 minutes away and close to santa cruz but now brunch will be so much more difficult. can i substitute brunch for corndogs and funnel cake on the boardwalk with a ride on the carousel?

i hope you have a fine weekend.

love truly,

p.s. be sure to make your way outside saturday after sunset so you can witness the super moon, the largest full moon of the year. that's a moon i won't wanna miss.

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