Friday, May 4, 2012

ohmega salvage: i love you.

ohmega salvage is a super cool (and one of my most favourite places to visit) LOCAL 2-store home furnishings hotspot in berkeley. they have clawfoot tubs (drool), incredible light fixtures (ooo awwwh), square tin wall pieces, cabinets, old refurbished doors (incredible), radiators, double-basin porcelain farm sinks (yes, please), bricks, old chairs, and so much more! i was super excited to take my sister during her visit and just roam around the stores sharing a love for old and rad things.

hopefully someday, someday, i'll be able to afford one of their clawfoot tubs or a light fixture, or one of their awesome doors. for now, i go in and walk about, gently running my fingers along edges and staring at amazing square tin wall pieces.

photos taken with instagram 

note: if you come visit me, i will most likely drag you to ohmega salvage. it's a treat. if you live within driving distance, find it and visit. you won't be sorry.
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