Friday, June 8, 2012

i love weekends.


today is my daddy's birthday and even though the best i can do is send him a gift and wish him happy birthday over the phone, i feel like baking a cake or cookies in celebration of him and his greatness. maybe i'll skype him while eating the cake so he can feel like he's part of it. i sure wish i could be home with him to celebrate. he'll be spending part of tomorrow at the columbus zoo with his grandkids and man oh man i wish i could be there. miss him. miss those kiddos.

instead, i'll be kicking it in san francisco mostly. tonight we're going to indie slash in the mission (my man's buddy djs) and tomorrow i'm going in for my first acupuncture experience. kinda scared but only because it's the unknown. afterward i'm meeting up with my girlfriend for lunch--either frjtz or nick's crispy tacos--to download on life. and then, well, who knows what the rest of the weekend will hold. it's been a busy work week so some downtime--napping, reading (picked up wildwood from the library and making my way through it, page by page; it's pretty cute thus far), or baking--will definitely be welcome. but that's part of the fun of leaving part of the weekend unplanned--you never know where it might take you and in a place like the bay area, it can end up being [one of] the best weekend[s] ever.

what are your weekend plans?

love truly,
katie kate

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