Tuesday, June 5, 2012

missing the ohio farm.

i've been feeling guilty lately for neglecting my lovely corner of the worldwide web--my days have been jam-packed with work and life stuff. when i find a few minutes to spare and scroll through my google reader or flip through online magazines or catalogs, i find myself starving for something to inspire me. every model looks the same; every wedding or set has overlapping common elements suffocating individuality. and i end up talking in circles with each post.

what seems to have happened is in an effort to be immensely and obviously different, we, as society, have aligned in very similar ways and it frustrates me. i'm not sure what to do about this as far as it relates to me other than continue the search for something to jazz and excite me, something i can't wait to write about. while i'm searching, i figured i'd share a couple old favourite photos of mine of a place that always inspires and leads to daydreams--the countryside. more specifically, the farm in ohio.

a year ago at this time my plan was to return to ohio, my home state, and work with my parents on their farm with chores and keeping the house in order while they did their church assignment; maybe doing some writing in my free time. to my joyful surprise, life took a turn seven months ago that i didn't see coming and now i'm happier than ever and rediscovering reasons to love and enjoy the bay area. maybe because i'm so fully satisfied in my personal [and professional] life i'm not needing any of the [false] inspiration or satisfaction that my google reader used to provide. thinking aloud here. have any of you experienced anything like this? 

all that said, you may not see me as regularly on violet + earnest and pretty things but i'll be sure to let you in on any fun secrets i uncover or fun stories. hope you'll stop by from time to time. 

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