Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pretty wedding collage.

wedding wednesday
volume 3  |  chapter 25

a simple handful of beautiful wedding-related photos.

that one where they're holding hands around the door gets me every time. sweet and tender; all-the-while preserving the age-old tradition of not seeing the bride until she's walking down the aisle.

images courtesy of (top left clockwise), (x2),,,

what do you think of the tradition of not seeing each other until [the doors open and] you start down the aisle? i'm for it--mostly. then i think how wonderful it would be to get the pictures done and out of the way--first thing. a few other pros: your makeup isn't ruined from crying during your vows (if you even make it that far into the ceremony before dabbing your eye with that embroidered handkerchief from your maid-of-honour); your hair and dress are perfect; your feet aren't killing you from standing. added all up and it sounds like it's worth breaking the tradition. but is it really? time to weigh in how superstitious you are.

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