Friday, June 15, 2012

weekend of this and that.


after a hard week i'm so glad the weekend is here and even happier today is a short day--i'm off work at 2.00p! summer hours at leapfrog--love it.

and so to start off my weekend i'm going for a pedicure and manicure. that's right, a manicure too. i haven't had a professional mani in ages and i could use the extra pampering. from there i think i will head home and take a nap in the perfect warmth of my apartment.

after that it's a whole mess of fun things on our list of weekend activities. the only "must-do" is eating brunch at our favourite spot in the dogpatch neighbourhood called just for you. from there we'll see how the weekend unfolds. yes, we have lots of ideas (going to a movie, visiting pacifica, art return, acupuncture, building resources (similar idea to ohmega salvage), minotti) but it's so much fun letting the weekend take you where it does without set plans.

hope you have fun weekend ahead. and if you're a father, or about to be, happy father's day!

love truly,

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