Monday, July 16, 2012

there goes the weekend.

and now i'm back at work. boo hiss. why do weekends go by so quickly?

this weekend had me all over the bay area. after trying out this fabulous blueberry muffin recipe friday afternoon, i headed south to palo alto for an annual bastille day crepe celebration and chatted up with some friends i hadn't seen in much much too long. saturday i headed north to point reyes to walk the tule elk reserve trail with my man and his daughter. the elk were scarce; i blame the low fog and chilly air. the walk was nice, though, and before heading home, we treated ourselves to a pizza at the local whale of a pizza market in point reyes station. tasty and cheap--hooray! sunday was a quiet day of resting, writing emails, and chopping crisp romaine for a giant salad (lentils, cucumber, feta cheese) to feed me most of the week.

if you have even a tiny baking bone in your body, give the blueberry muffin recipe a try. it's super easy and i've already seen a few faces fall off after the first bite. the muffins are THAT GOOD. 

hoping you had a good weekend, too, and that your week is off to a decent start. 

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