Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i just watched--

morning glory starring rachel mcadams, harrison ford, diane keaton, jeff goldblum
directed by roger michell
written by aline brosh mckenna

from the first preview, i wanted to see this fluff movie. with some of my favourite hollywood stars and a cute story, it appealed to the girly side of me that wanted to be entertained and not have my emotions torn to pieces or left walking out of the theatre wondering what happened. and so one night we turned it on and laughed our way through.

rachel mcadams is cast as a strong-willed and determined news producer. she works like crazy; allows relationships to fall by the wayside (sometimes even before the relationship has had a chance to break ground); puts her foot in her mouth too often; and finds herself surprised by others (harrison ford).

it's a classic feel-good movie with some flirting and cheesy romance and perhaps a predictable ending; sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered.

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