Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i'm a cute kids snob.

i'm a snob. i have this complex stuck in my head that my nieces and nephews are THE CUTEST kids in the world. sure, every aunt probably thinks that (or should out of mere calling as aunt), but i know it's true. mine are the cutest.

the kids pictured below are cute, too. they're from a collection of starred items in my google reader; i figured i'd post them because, even though they aren't on my christmas list, they're stinkin' cute. i mean, that little girl with the bun and her head turned--gorgeous. and the li'l lady holding up the street lamp--fantastic. kids with puppies, flying in the air, dressed in costumes, holding hands with their dads, lined up for a group photo--too cute to keep to keep to myself.

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