Thursday, September 6, 2012

a lovely remodel in connecticut.

i've fallen completely head over heels for this restored 1950s colonial connecticut house. and what the owners say about it is sweet:
the house is a work in progress, but we are satisfied that the bones have been prepared and fortified to create more memories. while designing and building our own house remains an architect's quintessential dream, we happily acknowledge that creating a home is not just about architecture alone. instead it's about bringing the architecture together with the way you live. 
i find their eclectic mix of old world pieces, modern chic touches, and a hint of industrial flair fun. i'm also a huge fan of the white white white walls, shelves and cabinets, and the wood floors. those floors are gorgeous! and how about that enclosed patio? heaven. i'm imagining how great it would be to watch and listen to a summer thunder and lightning storm from that there very spot. 

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for more remodel details and before and after photos, go here.
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