Thursday, September 27, 2012

places i'd rather be--

most of the time i really enjoy my work, what i do, and who i share the majority of my daytime hours with. but every now-and-again i find myself wishing i was elsewhere.
  • at coffee bar writing and editing, writing and editing, and chatting online with my man who's sitting right next to me because we're both plugged into headphones.
  • window shopping and reading posted menus in the early, misty carmel evening hours.
  • in washington, ohio, utah, or massachussetts with my siblings and their families.
  • sharing scrumptious thai food and sitting at our table for 2 in the window at lemongrass.
  • in bed waking up to thanksgiving morning.
  • at home on the ohio farm with a fresh snow-covering and more flakes falling; pulling on my boots and hat to take the dogs out for a snowy frolic.
  • climbing around some boulders at the base of one of the magnificent yosemite waterfalls; pausing to catch my breath and take in the beauty of the space around me.
  • reading in bed in my tiny, homey apartment.
  • watching a "fringe" marathon with my man in his san francisco apartment during a monday holiday; rain is coming down outside and pizza was just delivered. 

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