Friday, September 28, 2012

aunt weekend, part 2.

i get to share a bedroom with adorable 3-year old ellen this weekend.


last weekend i was in utah meeting my new nephew tommy and tonight i head northeast to washington where ava is waiting for me. i'm so excited i can barely work or eat or sleep or write. gosh, i love being aunt katie.

we're flying into seattle tonight and renting a car for 3+ hour drive east to moses lake. we'll pull into the driveway well after everyone's gone to bed. i'll creep upstairs to ellen's room and crawl into bed as quiet as a church mouse. i can't wait to open my eyes in the morning and see her gorgeous face staring back at me. when she realizes it's me, her full-faced grin will emerge. we'll talk and giggle until it's time to head downstairs and see what's going on for breakfast--probably waffles. then we'll all head out for a picnic and later that night is the relief society broadcast. sunday is ava's blessing at church and then a family gathering after. monday, i'll head to seattle with my guy to hang around for a few hours before catching our flight back home. i imagine we'll have a pier to sit on and dangle our feet over the water. sounds perfect, doesn't it?

i can't wait. seriously, why can't i just blink and be there?

hope you have a wonderful weekend, dears.

love truly,
katie kate

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