Thursday, October 4, 2012

joyful weekend being aunt.

there's just so much joy in being an aunt and i was lucky enough to play my favourite role two weekends in a row. last weekend i was in moses lake, washington. the kids were such a delight and i can't get enough of them. we read story after story, played croquet with grandpa, jumped on the trampoline, walked around the neighbourhood dropping rocks in our pockets, accessorized with bangles and pretty headbands, swallowed big bites of delicious homemade breakfast, fed ducks and llamas at a petting zoo, danced and twirled, allowed drumstick ice cream to get all over our faces--we shared nearly every waking moment together. it was heaven and i miss them already. 

image of james in his red bib courtesy of jsb; all other images are my own

there is nothing better than being an aunt.

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