Friday, December 7, 2012

weekend: maybe it's too early...


to ask: what are you doing new years eve? well, i'll be asking my entire company that very question at our holiday party tonight. i'm dueting that fun song and nat "king" cole's "L.O.V.E." with my pal, sl. last year we sang "baby, it's cold outside" and our ceo demanded we return for another performance. i'll be rockin' out on stage in this killer dress. awesome, right? and my guy will be in the audience. i can't wait.

saturday should be pretty chill. i'm looking forward to some quality writing time at coffee bar--sitting across the large table and flirting via online chat with my man--and maybe a stop by sephora. later that evening is my ward christmas party. i hear santa is stopping by. we might have to, too. sunday evening is a cambodian presentation by a good friend of my guy.

is it feeling like christmas for you yet? it's only kinda starting for me. i've been listening to loads of holiday music, wrapping the presents i have, and anticipating the delivery of more presents. my apartment smells lovely with the wreath on the inside of the door. soon it will be time to start baking christmas goodies to pass off. that's when the fun really begins.

have a holiday fun weekend, dearies!

love truly,
katie kate

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