Monday, January 14, 2013

cold cold.

it's monday and it's freezing. and i don't mean bay area freezing. i'm talking 32-degrees-at-7.00a freezing; mug-after-mug-of-hot-tea freezing; wearing-my-coat-in-the-office freezing. (and yet, my ups guy is still running around in his brown shorts. what a nut.)

on a cold day like this, there are things i can't live without:

images courtesy of (1,4), (2), (3,5)

i love the cold. i love how it fills my lungs. i love how it makes me cling tighter to my man for warmth as we're walking along. i love the warm hearty food i get to fill my body with. i love crawling into bed as soon as i get home from work and letting sleep take me. i love winter because it helps me appreciate the beauties of spring.

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