Friday, March 8, 2013

a weekend with little ones.


i've been waiting for this weekend to come for months! i'm heading up north to spend the weekend and a day with my brother and his adorable family. i haven't seen them since thanksgiving and i've been suffering withdrawals--withdrawals not even ice cream can cure! this getaway will satisfy more than just a little ones craving; life has been relatively hectic lately (hence the lack of attention to my lovely blog) so escaping to be with family is precisely what the [southwest airlines] doctor ordered. we'll laugh and giggle and run in circles chasing each other and scream and go for walks and play duck-duck-goose and make breakfast and eat and jump on the trampoline and watch movies and just be silly kids. this is when i'm confident nothing in life beats being an aunt.

and while the kids are napping, if i'm not napping too, i'm hoping to do some writing, definitely some reading, and watching these booties closely for a sale price. i've also been doing some craigslist house [window] shopping in the north bay. it's fun to see the options and dream.

what are your weekend plans? any of you dears digging yourselves out of snow drifts? whatever you end up doing, i hope it's wonderful.

love truly,
katie kate

p.s. sometimes the best part of going away is coming home.

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