Friday, March 1, 2013

easy and wanderful weekend for us.


i'm always ready for the weekend and this weekend is no different. while there's nothing especially fancy happening, other than a dressy-dressed up tea party baby shower for my gal pal rs (what am i going to wear?), we'll be hanging in the east bay. maybe we'll hit up the farmers market, take a run through redwood regional park or head down to lake chabot for a jog; wander through the interesting market hall or whole foods for some groceries and hopefully indulge in gregoire or southie (hello, best meatball sandwich of my life! thank you, mck, for the introduction.) for a meal. it's been too long since i've visited ohmega salvage and it's always fun seeing what new old stuff they're selling. saturday will be easy and full of wandering around. i can't wait.

tonight is yet undecided. perhaps i'll convince my guy for a meal at one of the above-mentioned southie or gregoire (there's also bakesale betty to consider for lunch on saturday) and a nice walk around their respective neighbourhoods. a beautiful day like this one lends itself perfectly to sidewalk strolls and window shopping.

sunday will be quiet in the city--dinner, naps, family movie.

happy weekend to all of you!

love truly,
katie kate
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