Monday, June 3, 2013

i just watched--

bridge to terabithia starring josh hutcherson and annasophia robb
written by jeff stockwell and david paterson (screenplay)
directed by gabor csupo

based on the newbary medal winning 1977 novel by katherine paterson, bridge to terabithia is about jess and his imaginative tomboy neighbour, leslie. through leslie's imaginative encouragement, they build and protect the land of terabithia--accessible only by a rope swing across the creek (i held my breath every time they swung across)--and the terabithians from the dark master and a giant troll (originally thought to be an evil troll but turns out to be friendly).

crowded like sardines on my bed with a giant bowl of popcorn, the three of us watched this whimsical family adventure movie and agreed it's on our list of favourites. it's perfectly balanced with imagination and reality for a sunday movie night. within the first few minutes, it stole our hearts and had us laughing. by the end, both sad and happy tears trickled down my cheeks.

images pulled from google images

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