Friday, June 21, 2013

weekend roadtrip to utah!


in about an hour i'm heading east to utah with my guy and the sube packed for a family visit. my parents are being set apart as mission presidents in st. george, utah, for our church--great excuse for a long summer roadtrip. i've only made a few plans: find a canyon to hike or run through, eati at cafe rio and introduce my guy to an old buddy, and lots of time hanging with family. i threw some clothes in my catalina bag (the bag is huge and holds a ton) and suzy jumped in, too. i'll grab a few pillows, the air mattress, sync my iphone with great driving music (like 38 special, bootstraps, f+tm, interpol, sara watkins). now if only my dry cleaning would be dropped off i could get outta here.

have a great weekend, lovies!


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