Wednesday, June 26, 2013

he asked and i said "yes!"

wedding wednesday
volume 4  |  chapter 12

1 sundance ski resort
2 lift tickets
1 full moon
1 sundance hoodie from the gift shop
3 bathroom breaks pre-liftoff
1 blanket
1 question
1 answer
2 people in love

sitting closely together and barely moving for fear of shaking ourselves out of the ski lift, my guy pulled his phone from his shirt pocket suggesting some music. i quickly declined suggesting, instead, that we enjoy this quiet time together surrounded by such outdoor beautifulness and the full moon glowing down on us. he put his phone back in his pocket and pulled out and handed to me a little, lightweight package. upon unfolding, i found inside 2 rings. joyfully shocked, i looked at him, tears welling in my eyes, and he asked, "will you marry me?" i excitedly choked out "yes!"

and now we're engaged. i'm filled with elation and couldn't be happier.

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