Wednesday, July 3, 2013

my dress: inspired by--

wedding wednesday
volume 4  |  chapter 13

am i the only bride-to-be drowning in the ocean of silk and tulle and beaded wedding dresses? for a time, i even floundered with and lost my personal style as i filtered through page after page of gowns trying to find the one. i can't possibly be the only bride-to-be that's felt this way, can i?

after an encouraging back-to-reality chat with my girlfriend, ayl, i righted myself, took a deep breathe, and decided to stick with my initial plan--have the dreamy dress i sketched out in my head made. this will be unique to me, one-of-a-kind, all mine, inspired by the beauties below, a lacy timeless wonder. after securing a local and recommended dressmaker (again, my friend, ayl, to the rescue!), i can't wait to sit down and start the sewing action. it'll be like my own episode of project runway.

images courtesy of 1-4, 5-8

my wedding day will be unique to me and my man; i want my dress to match. i want it created for just that occasion. for just me. for just us. for me to swoon over and for my man to see me with refreshed eyes. it will pair nicely with our day in its simple and classic shape and free from unnecessary adornments.

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