Friday, July 5, 2013

long weekend: this calls for brunch!


i'm sitting here at home, on my bed, working my way through a pound of rainier cherries (scrumptious and total market splurge from trader joe's this morning), hanging out with suzy, and thinking how great my life is. i'm a blessed woman.

yesterday was the true start of my weekend. like most others, i had the day off. i spent it in my city with my fiance (previously referred to in blog posts as "my guy" or "my man") walking about town, shooting some hoops, going for a jog, meeting up with friends, finding a beautiful vintage necklace and talking with the shop owner--just staying moderately active by walking everywhere. it was such a gorgeous day to be outside exploring neighbourhoods and parks.

i've been on my own today. i hit the gym, a couple markets, and started the battlestar galactica series with suzy napping beside me--i stole a few naps too; it's been a low-key day. plans for tonight are still being worked out--maybe we'll feast on pizza and hit up a movie; maybe we won't.

tomorrow i'm brunching with my gorgeous friend mmw at oakland's mama's royal cafe (they have t-h-e best french toast) before heading into the city for who-knows-what with my man.

hoping your weekend is as lovely as mine, lovies.

love truly,

p.s. happy belated fourth!

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