Tuesday, July 30, 2013

denim: madewell.

i'm loving madewell's new denim line campaign; especially that "slip on - zip up - turn around - nod slowly - smile" business. sassy stuff. 

madewell is usually hit-or-miss for me (i've had a few scores lately, though) but i'm tempted to exercise their claim to making denim shopping easy (it's more tough, by far, for me to find good jeans then a decent swimsuit. besides, living in the bay area, i rarely pull my swimsuit out for the summer.) by offering free shipping and returns on denim orders. i'll try a pair of their ankle-zip jeans and high-risers--my body type go-to. 

images courtesy of madewell 

does anyone else try to put heels with jeans and a t-shirt and feel ridiculous? models pull it off so easily. i think it's their long stick legs. 

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