Friday, August 16, 2013

i-survived-the-week weekend!


golly, it's been a busy while, friends. since my last writing: i celebrated my birthday (party hats and pizza), baked my own birthday cake, co-hosted some of jeremy's family, rode a roaring open-top train through redwoods (amazing), visited britex and found my dream wedding dress material, survived the work weeks, abstained from getting sick, stuffed and postmarked wedding announcements, and probably countless other things that really don't matter.

this weekend will be a little quieter. dinner tonight with a fave girlfriend and her hubs at our of our hotspots--blue jay cafe; their giant burger is waiting for me. tomorrow--maybe a trail run or a couple sets of the lyon street stairs. sunday, church and perhaps a social visit with an older gal from our ward. all in all, low-key, and i'm happy about that.

what are you lovies up to? tell me your stories.

love truly,
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