Monday, September 23, 2013

cashmere is for grownups.

i break out into hives when i lay my eyes on the prices of some baby/infant clothes these days and j.crew, as much as i love the brand, is no different. cashmere for baby? i don't think so. no matter how beautiful the heart print is, it's not worth $145.00. let's think about how fast babies grow and the quantity of spit up and drool they expel. yeah, not worth it. even if their cashmere is machine washable.

dearest j.crew, cashmere is for grownups and i'm saving my pennies and counting my nickels for this piece, this piece, and this piece for fall/winter.

the baby models are cute, though. nowhere close as adorable as my own nieces and nephews but definitely cute. i mean, how can one resist a crawling baby naked except for heart print bloomers?

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