Friday, October 18, 2013

mmmmm...cozy anthropologie sweaters.

oh goodness. i think i've died and traveled to cozy sweater land, where all the days are overcast with a slight drizzle and a brisk fall chill lingers like a sweet whispered nothing in the air. i get to wear soft, chunky knit sweaters all day layered over tees and leggings with booties or cable socks and i'm sitting at my writing desk typing away and drinking steamed milk sprinkled with cinnamon and stirred with honey. my hair is in a ponytail or knot, my glasses are on and suzy, my fluffy cat, slithers her body around my legs and the chair purring for attention.

images courtesy of

confetti striped pullover, $138  /  emerson sweater, $128  /  glissando sweater tunic, $138  /  kivalina hoodie, $194  /  emile cardigan, $128  /  arslan sweater coat, $198  /  rennes sweater, $88

my favourites: confetti striped pullover, emerson sweater, kivalina hoodie, emile cardigan, and the rennes sweater. well, gosh, that's all but two that i pictured above.

dearest bay area, i love you but this indian summer is killing me. bring me fall.

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